"I had to share this funny with you...see above. That is exactly how I feel before and after a treatment."   


     "I had to share this funny with you...see above.
That is exactly how I feel before and after a treatment."


"Kacey is an amazingly caring person. You can feel from her her genuine desire to help and heal. She is intuitive, professional, friendly, and passionate about her care of people. I’d trust no one else to stick me with needles!!" - by L. Giles
 "Thank Goodness for Highlands Acupuncture - Kacey Wardle is a gentle, intuitive and knowledgeable acupuncturist. As a patient, I feel she is there for me with her full attention, skill and wisdom. Kacey provides a safe and comfortable space for her patients, and I think her practice of enhancing acupuncture with Reiki guides the body with more proficiency into healing. Above all, I really appreciate that Kacey listens to the whole person, and I feel fortunate to be in her care." - by Ryann S 
"Wonderful Resource for our Family - I started seeing Kacey shortly after my son was born two years ago- I still have no idea what I would do without acupuncture (or Kacey) on a regular basis. She’s helped with fatigue, headaches, illnesses, stress- etc. My husband even started going in every once in a while and my son is excited every time he gets to see her. Well, he still won’t let her touch him- but we’re working on that Thanks for being a part of our life and family Kacey!" - by Lauren J
 "I have been an advocate of acupuncture for about 6 years. I feel that if you have a good person working on you, you will have great results. I used to have many problems with my tailbone due to pregnancy issues 21 years ago. After acupuncture, I have little to no issues !! Thanks Kacey!!!!!! (Acupuncture also did wonders for my depression issues.)" - by Debbi W
 "Kacey always helps with my ailments. From allergies, to stress, through out my pregnancy, and neck/back issues. She is the only acupuncturist I’ve seen in the past 6 years. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled into her hands." - R Ira
"I have been seeing Kacey for over six years now and she is the best acupuncturist that I have worked with. I am a massage therapist and I am picky about the work I receive. Professionalism is key when I work with a body worker and Kacey has a wonderful sense of that word. She has a naturally healing touch and she is wonderful with her needles. I always feel better after being treated by Kacey"  - Domanic Guzman
 "I saw Kacey for a sore back and seasonal affective disorder which is simply that I get emotionally down in the winter. I left her office calm, able to focus and free from back pain." - by KW
 "Headache gone!!!! and stress free. I was having headaches everyday! and so stressed I couldn’t deal with the world. After seeing Kacey I have no more headaches and I see the world clearly! Thanks Kacey!" - by Kara Jacobs
 "I had recently lost my beloved pet of 14 years. I realized I needed to go through more emotions and since I wasn’t facing some things it was causing me more stress. I left my appointment with Kacey so stress free, feeling so calm and able to move forward. Thank you so very much Kacey!" - by AJ
"I’ve been treated by Kacey on multiple occasions and she’s always spot-on in her acupuncture treatments and herbs. It is always a comfortable and wonderful experience to get a treatment from Kacey, from which I can expect to get great results" - by Bill Kalinowski
"Kacey is an oustanding healer. She provides tremendous caring acupuncture treatments but also has the awareness and knowledge to help you interpret what is going on in your body. Highly recommended!" - by Brian Montgomery
"Kacey’s caring and effective treatments always make me feel better. My back and headaches have improved 100%. I would recommend her to my friends and family." - by CW
 "Kacey is wonderful.. her deep understanding of acupuncture and Chinese medicine theories combined with her comforting style really makes me feel at ease with her and 100% confident… I always walk out of her treatments feeling like a new person. Highly recommend that you try Kacey especially if you’ve never done acupuncture before, she will make you at ease." - by Trent