Highlands Acupuncture focuses on you and healing your pain.  We strive to cultivate health and wellness so you no longer live your life feeling exhausted and overdone, rather imagine waking up every morning excited about how your body looks, feels and functions.   Whether is short term pain your are experiencing or chronic longer discomfort.  We can help.

Acupuncture, functional medicine and integrative care can set you on the right track to living pain free.

 To help you feel your best we provide:

  • Easy scheduling, location and evening and Saturday appointments
  • Experienced Acupuncturist with advanced certifications in herbal medicine, structural integration, and functional medicine and over 15 years clinical experience
  • Beautiful, tranquil treatments room so you can relax, restore and rejuvenate 

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Evening and Saturday Appointments Available

3729 West 32nd Avenue
Denver, CO 80211

The Heart of Highlands Square

I have visited Kacey 3+ years for sports injuries, back/neck pain, carpool tunnel, 2 pregnancies and Menier’s Disease. She listens and is easy to talk to about any problems you are experiencing. Instead of taking steroids or signing up for surgery, Kacey has the knowledge and skill to treat the core issue.
— Ale

Are you experiencing any of the following? 

Nerve Pain Relief

 Headaches, Sciatica, Foot and Wrist pain, Jaw and Face pain? 

Numbness and tingling anywhere?

Chronic Fatigue and Pain?

Injury or Surgery?


Women's Health

Discomfort related to Pregnancy? Hip pain, morning sickness, sinus congestions, digestive issues

Fertility Issues or Habitual Miscarriage?

Painful Periods, Fibroids, Heavy Flow? 

Menopause or hormonal imbalance? 


Wellness Support

Frequent Colds and or Flu?

Allergies? Sinus congestion?

Stress and overwhelm? 

Feel great - just desire more?


Acupuncture can help!