Meet Kacey 

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Kacey Wardle, Dipl.OM, L.AC. is a Colorado Licensed Acupuncturist and a Certified Chinese Herbalist.  Kacey owns and practices at Highlands Acupuncture in Denver, CO.  

After 10 years as an acupuncturist, Kacey enjoys seeing patients feel better and enjoy living. She is best at stopping nerve pain in the back/hip/sciatica areas as well as pain from the head to feet.  She also passionately enjoys helping women cultivate harmony in their teenage years, pregnancies, menopause and beyond.

Kacey's treatments combine: 

  • Expert acupuncture to relieve pain, relax and feel better

    • Kacey uniquely combines Japanese Meridian Style Acupuncture with more local direct needling for pain and balance. She studied at the New England School of Acupuncture, the first Japanese Acupuncture school, as well as post graduate education with Sharon Weisenbaum and apprenticeship with Charles Chase. Both excellent herbalists and Japanese acupuncture practitioners.

    • Her specialities include working with nerve pain, hormonal balancing and wellness support.

    • She additionally worked for 2 years with the Spinal Cord Recovery Project to help relieve nerve pain and improve quality of life for people with spinal cord injuries.

  • Gentle healing energy work

    • Kacey skillfully and gently combines hands on healing touch in addition to acupuncture from advanced training in cranial-sacral therapy, Reiki, Access Consciousness Body Processes and QiGong.

  • Potent plant medicine (essential oils, moxa, and herbal recommendations).

    • Trust herbal and supplement expertise she gives due to (more) advanced training, including 250 Graduate Mentorship Herbal Training with Sharon Weisenbaum, 60 hrs Functional Medicine training from the Functional Medicine University, and many continuing education credits learning about essential oils and patent Chinese Herbal Medicine.

After you can expect to feel relaxed yet rejuvenated, with a greater understanding on how to listen to your own body and take better care.  

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Before practicing Chinese medicine, Kacey worked for the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard’s School of Public Health where she co-authored at CDC study on school nutrition and managed their website on healthy eating, NutritionSource.  She holds a BA from the University of Colorado in Political Science and Economics.

She spent years traveling and working with grassroots development organizations to understand how people from various cultures live and experience health. Her favorite places include Prague, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Costa Rica.

Currently, she enjoys hiking with her dog Obee, playing with her awesome nephews and providing value.   If you are lucky, Obee will at the office greeting you as you come up the stairs.  I promise he will be his pretty self, snagle tooth and all.